Friday, May 22, 2015
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"Write Your Own Fantasy" - Story Contest

Write Your Own Fantasy - Story Contest

Write your best original story and see it adapted into an adult video.

Contest Submission Guidelines

  1. Your story must be an original story written for the contest that has never been posted on any other site before AND it can not be reposted until AFTER the contest is over.
  2. By entering your story into this contest, you affirm that JWTies, Desperate Pleasures and have full rights to adapt your original story into an adult video if it wins the contest.
  3. Your story must include family members, up to 2 daughters, 1 mom, 1 son, 1 dad/uncle and 1 Grandpa if needed.
  4. Your story must contain a creampie and a pregnancy or pregnancy risk in some form and may contain
  5. Your story can not require any special props, makeup, scenery or special effects that aren’t readily available in the average home or an adult video set.
  6. Your story must comply with the “Terms of Service” of The
  7. Your story must have no extreme violence, minors, snuff, scat, excretion of any bodily waste, intoxication, drugs, weapons, crushing, fisting, mutilation, full-limb-binding BDSM, necrophilia or rape.
  8. Your story can not depict members of the forum in your sexual stories without their consent.

If you have questions about material in your story please contact an Administrator or site Moderator of The

Prizes Include:

1st Prize: Full DVD Film Adaption of your story by Desperate Pleasures. The winner will also receive a copy of the video, the directors cut, an autographed picture of the cast and a bottle of spunk lube.

2nd Prize: 1 Free week membership to the website of Lelu Love: The Internet's Most Interactive Sex Star

Important Dates:

  • Submission Begins: May 1 at 12:00pm PST (Stories will not be accepted for the contest earlier)
  • Submission Deadline: May 23 at 11:59pm PST
  • Voting Begins: May 24
  • Voting Ends: May 31 at 11:59pm PST

Photo Stories

Photo Stories

A Slave's Bond

The head of his cock slipped in to his pet. "Mnnn.. That feels good, my pet," the Master moaned. "It has been so long."

"Be careful, Master,” warned the Master’s Pet, ”I'm ovulating right now."

A Wife's Gift

“So honey do you like your gift? I picked her out especially for you.”

“She feels great, baby. Her pussy is so tight.”

Mom's Wakeup Routine


“Come on sleepy head. Time to wake up. Mommy has your fresh milk ready for you.”

“Oh… Mnnnn… :SLURP: :SLURP: :SLURP:”

Alexis' Decision - Chapter 2

Over the next several days, Pete was more cautious around Alexis, especially when her mother was near by.  However, one evening, he had headed up to get his cigarettes out of the bed room, just as Alexis was walking out of the shower.  Her mom was downstairs, so she didn't know how Pete would react, but she dropped her towel, exposing her young nubile body to him in all its naked glory.  Pete just stood there, mouth agape, staring, as the buldge in his pants grew.