Wednesday, September 2, 2015
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Real Life

Real Life

Brienne pt. 1

My job had brought me to the capital of a small country. I have been there many times before and have good friends there, so I stayed in an apartment I borrowed from some friends who were out of town on vacation.
It was a short and intense visit lasting just a week and it was almost around the clock work. Though my scarce leisure time would be spent on catching up with friends, I decided to check out the local bar scene.


“Hi, how are you doing? :)”

 I looked non-plussed at the screen for a few seconds. I had only met her twice and the last time was almost two years back. Having just met her, the air between us had been thick with sexual tension. To a point where a friend of mine afterwards asked me “How I do it?” Couldn’t tell him if I wanted to. Sometimes there is instant chemistry.


”So what do you think?”

Jet lagged

I had met this guy online and eventually moved in with him after a long time of getting to know him. After awhile of living with him I booked a flight to go see family with him along. The first week we were there I had my monthly and my child slept in bed with us so no hanky panky. He had to go back home and I stayed for the extra week to have my child's birthday with my family.

First Impregnantion

 When I had gotten impregnated I was still very new to the world of sex. I had become a sex freak when I did came into the sex world. So much so that I was to much for my first guy. Within a month of parting ways I had a new man sniffing around. This guy I would call a man whore, he was 23, and every woman he was 'dating' would be picked on by people singing What's you're flavor.

Birthday Impregnation

After the had returned home from our first coupling, I did not hear from her for about a month. As I was sure it would not be a repeat thing. But it turns out that it was to be and she made arrangments to see me on my birthday. 

I was the other man

I first met her online and she was in an 'abusive' relationship to her husband and had been married for 14 yrs. She did not tell me until quite a while into seeing her about her 5 kids. I was living in QLD and she NT and she was going to meet me in Brisbane for "business" she claimed she had there. 

My 1st

So this is the story of the 1st lady I impregnated. She was about 8 years older than me Puerto Rican. Her husband never paid attention to her and so I was the one taking care of things. 


my 2nd

Ok so this is the second lady I got Prego.


Mirror, Mirror

Falling asleep in an unfamiliar bed is very difficult for me, especially if it’s smaller than what you are used to. My wife had gone about two weeks before she begged me to go see her sister out at the lake. Normally, I don’t have an issue going to visit since they live at the end of their road and my brother in law usually has good grass to smoke.