Real Life

Real Life

Mirror, Mirror

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Falling asleep in an unfamiliar bed is very difficult for me, especially if it’s smaller than what you are used to. My wife had gone about two weeks before she begged me to go see her sister out at the lake. Normally, I don’t have an issue going to visit since they live at the end of their road and my brother in law usually has good grass to smoke.

Dealer Button

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It was about 3 years after we got married that my husband really began to get serious about poker.

He was constantly taking about it, reading about it, thinking about it. He was looking for a way to score big.

Military Wife Impregnated

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I originally met John and Casey online on a swinger site.  John was looking for a local guy for his wife to give head to, as she wanted to blow another guy.  I met John and we began chatting, and he introduced me to his wife.  Casey and I exchanged photos, and agreed to meet as John wanted to watch us.

Hot sexy wife sees the babysitter straddling her husband and it changes her for the wetter

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       Let me begin by introducing myself as Paige,i'm 32 years old,brunette with 34c tits.My friends tell me i resemble Taylor Vixen,which i think is so totally hot in every way.I am married to my 42 year old  husband Mike for over 7 years,we have a 7 year old boy and a 2 year old girl.My husband married me when he found out he had knocked me up,he always ins

How I got my oldest daughter

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When I was 23 I had just started the job I still work today.  Being young dumb and full of cum I was allways on the hunt for a lady to take out and take home for the night.  I had dated around so I was not new to the game.  At work there were alot of women that looked at me like fresh meat since I was new and young.  6 months into the job one woman in particular had taken a

A Twin Surprise

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 A twin surprise


 There she was in the OB/GYN office her hands in her face crying away. Tears running and in the depths of dispair!

 Yes that was my wife of 15 years and the best lay god ever created and after 2 children still as beautiful as the day we Married.

The Virgin Spark

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Shortly after checking into the hotel and getting my bags into my room, I texted him to let him know I was there and to make arrangements to pick him up. On the way to the meeting point, I was kind of nervous and wondered what he’d really be like as we’d never met in person before.

Breeding Traci = Success!

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I met Traci online.  Traci lived in Pennsylvania, and was coming to Vegas for a two day trip with a girlfriend.  Traci reached out to me online, after meeting in an online forum, wanting to have a male companion for the weekend.  Traci sent me pictures, and was a very attractive 34 year old woman.

She Did It In The End

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She Did It In The End

This is a true story of my wife, April, and I.  We had gotten married after an 8 month courtship; me at 42 and her at 35.

Young Gal Gets Pregnant from First Pussyful of Cum

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I am from a prominent family that has always been highly-respected in the local community.  During my adolescence, I had many friends who became pregnant out-of-wedlock as teenagers.  Consequently, my grandmother and mother constantly warned me against ruining the family name with a premature pregancy.