Saturday, March 25, 2017
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Short Stories

Short Stories

A Father's Revenge

I'm not going to lie, this is another story based in fact. I wrote this to get past a particularly nasty divorce. The actual situation was different, but the hurt, anger and rage are too very real. I hope you enjoy it.




Part One: The Discovery


August 15, 2010:

The Princess and The Guardsman

Princess Lauryn came from an old noble family. While they had been turned out of power in their small Eastern European country after World War 2, they still had a vast fortune and political influence.

 The Princess was the only child in the family, coming late in life to her aging father who had unsuccessfully tried with 3 other wives before finally siring the beautiful blonde.

Unfortunately for the young Princess her loving father passed away just before she turned 13.

Sent away to boarding school in the Swiss Alps, she grew to womanhood under the watchful eye of Sergeant Hans Klaus, a trusted family retainer whom had served the late King since childhood. Now in his mid 30′s, he was the only member of the Princess’ detail to be with her throughout her schooling. The only friendly face at her many activities and the only man she had ever really spent time with since her father passed.

Jessica's Valentines Day Party

This story was written as part of a story/caption challenge for a follower on another website. It went to a much darker place than I originally intended.


 Jesica’s Valentine’s Party

 It had been a very busy year for Jessica. First there had been her internship at a prestigious law firm. Then as that position was ending, one of the senior partners who had maintained a warm but ‘fatherly’ mentoring for her, had shocked her following her exit interview with a suggestion they “might see each other socially now that her internship was finished.”

Jessica was surprised buy yet strangely excited by the prospect. While being by no means naive nor innocent, the prospect of a much older suitor was a stimulating possibility. Without hesitation she locked his office door and asked him “to show me what you’ve got…” 

Creative Teaching Methods

Creative Teaching Methods

This is another repost of a previous story. Like most of my stories there is a bit of truth behind it...


In the Fall of 1983 I was beginning the first semester of my senior year of uni. With most of my core classes long since completed I ticked off electives towards the 136 hours I needed to graduate the following May. While flipping through the course catalog, I noticed that Creative Writing 1 was not only 3 credit hours, but could also count towards my Humanities requirements.

Grinning at my good fortune, I signed up for the Tuesday and Thursday track at 2pm.

Fantasy Fulfilled?

A reposting of an older story of mine. I hope you all enjoy it!


Neither my wife Stacey nor I were virgins when we married. Hell, we weren't even virgins when we first met! First hooking up in the late 1980's, we dated non-exclusively and then in the early 1990's we had a kid. Neither of us felt any pressure to make the relationship formal. We did however love to role-play and frequently helped each other fulfill our various fantasies. By the mid '90's she moved out of state for a better job, I started seeing someone who eventually became my second wife, and we lost touch with each other.

About 10 years later as my marriage was breaking up, the age of the internet made finding lost loved ones easier. I found a phone number after less than an hour of searching and Stacey & I reconnected. 

My Backdoor to Motherhood

“Cum inside of me. Cum in side of me. Cum inside my PUSSY!!!” Jennifer screamed.

“Wait.  I want to make sure the condom is still there before I cum,” Eric said.

He reached down and pulled his dick from Jen’s sopping pussy.  He reached all around his penis to ensure that the condom wasn’t broken or torn, then slammed his cock back into Jen.

“Oh that always ruins it for me. Pound me harder,” Jen said.

“I am about to cum,” Eric said.

Tied and twisted

After college I decided to forgo work to pursue adventure.  It seemed romantic.  I sold everything I had and bought a decent bike. I bought all the equipment I would need to tour the country by bike. I found my low cost expedition made me rich in experience. Without a dollar and rarely a shower I encountered America.  I made friends, slept on couches, in open fields and one night in jail. 


Bored, Ignored and Soon to be Gored

Bored, Ignored and Soon to be Gored


A young housewife entertains some traveling magazine salesmen and ends up subscribed to Parenthood. (based on an anonymous story submitted to another sex story site)



Ben and Karen lived in a small apartment in a little hamlet in rural Georgia. It was actually a converted motel, with very small one-bedroom apartments. It was a step up from a trailer park, but not a very large step up. They were a young couple, newly married trying to start a life together like real adults.


Ben was rather slow, but had a good heart. He had dropped out of high school and gone to work as a truck mechanic, and even if he wasn’t real good, he was a hard worker, he was strong and he was slowly learning.


Becky Hates Me


My brother and I were close. He was a few years older than me and I revered him. In high school he was the quarterback and he taught me to be a great receiver. Nate’s senior year he set records throwing to me. I followed him to the same college. We were close brothers and best friends. But a wedge drove us apart us. He married a woman who hated me.


In It to Win It

I fell in love with Michelle because she was better than me at the only thing that mattered: Volleyball.

Volleyball was my life. When I was young, maybe 10, I was awkward. I was a tall skinny girl, and a bit dyslexic. School was tough. I had outgrown ballet and gymnastics. Well, I had become too tall to be really good at them, and I wanted so badly to be good at something. 

That is when I started playing volleyball. I was 6 inches taller than the other girls my age and I continued to grow. I started playing on a YMCA team, but was quickly recruited by a competitive tournament team. I spent my weeks in school and my weekends traveling the country playing volleyball.