Monday, June 29, 2015
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Short Stories

Short Stories

Breeding Day at the Mall

Chapter 1: A Brash Teenager

Cassandra was mad.

She did not like the fact she still had to chauffeur her little brother around town. After all, it was his fault their parents had been forced to drop him from their insurance. If he had been a more responsible adult, that fender bender would never have happened.

Not bothering to park, Cassandra pulled right up to the curve.

"Thanks sis. I'll text you when I'm ready to be picked up." Dave said as he turned to exit the vehicle.

Grabbing her brother by the arm, Cassandra held the eighteen-year-old road hazard in place. She demanded, "Gas money first, or I won't be back to pick you up."

"Gezz, you're greedy." Dave moaned as he pulled out a ten to cover the four-mile trip. "I never charge you when you need a ride."

The Catalyst: Part 2

            I'd never liked the news. When I was younger, I thought it was boring. Nowadays, it was because there was never any real news on them--just celebrity factoids, and scaremongering. The past few months, though, I'd taken to watching it every morning, though I couldn't put my finger on why.

            "I'm here at UC Davis, where pregnancy rates have skyrocketed in the past six months." The reporter couldn't stop herself from idly putting a hand over her own belly, just starting to bulge her tight pencil dress in the front, just behind the runner graphic that stated her name was Chandra Melencamp, and just above the headline: PREGNANCY RATES ON THE RISE.

Twelve Condoms

Twelve Condoms

By Zaos Z.


Condom 1: Mindy - An Accidental Discovery

Hot Wheels

Author: Honey Moon
Title: Hot Wheels
Keywords: MF, reluc, impregnation, cuckolding

     Hot Wheels
     Honey Moon

My Night with A Married Couple

A few years back, I answered a message on an adult dating sight about a bisexual couple wanting to explore. They were in their early 30s, and told me they liked my pictures and the fact that my profile said I had two college degrees and was bi. I was single at the time, and in my 24 year old horny mind, this seemed to possibly turn into an opportunity that I couldn't pass up.

A real Honeymoon!! A hot waitress and a hot massage parlor.

     I had been with my wife Meila for over 3 years when finally we could manage to go on our honeymoon! cWhen we got married, we only went on a getaway weekend since we were both barely out of college and couldn`t afford much in the way of a trip!

Vicki Opens Her Eyes

Author: Honey Moon

AKA cuteycindyhoney

My Ultimate Sexual Fantasy

I take you out on a charming date to a nice restaurant. Having a wonderful dinner and good engaging discussion. Stealing a few moments looking at each other in the eyes with affection and desire. After dinner we don't want the evening to end, so we take a walk in the local park, watching the sunset. We find a nice bench to sit on, and you cuddle up under my arm.

Becoming A Woman

Becoming A Woman

By Blaze Knight

A Rainbow Family Coalition

The Rainbow Family Coalition

By cmpdom67



An open-minded and adventurous couple, fall in love, marry and discovered new ways to define their love and family life – but not what you would necessarily consider conventional.

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