Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Short Stories

Short Stories

The Moon and the Bees

Emma pulled her truck onto highway 2. She was driving erratically and often down them middle of the road ignoring the yellow lines. Two years of planning was about to be thwarted by clouds.

“Mom, I’m driving. I can’t look at my phone to find the clearest sky. Please tell me where I should go. If I get too close to Alliance I might as well call it all off. There are too many people. My permit won’t let me launch.”

“Calm down hun. We’ll get it figured out.”

Emma listened to the empty phone. She knew her mom was combing through weather reports and online maps to find the perfect place for her daughter to watch the eclipse.

Play Slutmania

By Maria Bordelon

I was pissed. This was the second time I had to get my new laptop computer fixed. I got clumsy and dropped my old one last weekend totaling the hard drive and screen. The new one was acting up. The sales guys said it was an older model but promised to update all the software and add a few gigs to the memory. They even added a five-year subscription to the “best” antivirus site available. The guys also downloaded all my information and pictures from the old computer. Everything looked good in the store. Anyway, the whole shmeer cost me $476.10, tax included.

The Discovery - Looking Back

The water was warm and soothing, but now it’s beginning to cool. You push your arms up, throwing out two streams of water, and grip the edges of the deep, bath tub.

You hoist yourself to a standing position as the water rushes and then drips off of you, and reach for the soft, thick towel as you step onto the bath math. You dry your hair and then pat your face, slowly working your way down, lifting each arm, and each breast to dry yourself thoroughly.

Mother & Daughter


Mother & Daughter 

A Father's Revenge


This has been significantly re-edited to remove the most pointed out errors. It is very long [there’s a pun there I’d wager] but I hope you would take the time to read it and comment please.

This story has it all: cheating, interracial, incest, trickery, virginity losing, BDSM, and multiple impregnations. If there isn’t something here to thrill and/or disgust you then I haven’t done my work correctly!


Part One: The Discovery

The Perfect Woman

I had a string of unsatisfying relationships starting with my ex-wife and it’s been a slow process finding someone that I really connect with and have the kind of communication that can lead to amazing trust and intimacy. I have learned over the years that quickies can kill great sex so I make sure I put in the effort to please my woman with lots of foreplay and several orgasms before we head to the main event. It takes great control and effort to please a woman properly I don’t do this for just anybody I meet and choose wisely.

Becky Hates Me


My brother and I were close. He was a few years older than me and I revered him. In high school he was the quarterback and he taught me to be a great receiver. Nate’s senior year he set records throwing to me. I followed him to the same college. We were close brothers and best friends. But a wedge drove us apart. He married a woman who hated me.


Birthday fun

I came home from work today to find two very unhappy ladies. Ella took Alice to the doctor today for her checkup and when they tested Alice they found that she is not pregnant. The doctor told them that sometimes the over the counter pregnancy tests will give a false positive. I noticed after the first week that their mood improved and their conversations seemed to be much happier. They like to talk in Tagalog so I don’t know what they are talking about but I went out and bought the Rosetta stone language discs and I can’t speak the language but I sure can understand what they are talking about now. 

Sharing Sisters

It has been a couple of weeks since Alice found out she is pregnant and both Ella and Alice have been treating me like a king. I woke this morning to Ella softly sucking the sensitive area of my cock just below the head on the underside, by the time I am fully awake my cock is rock hard and oozing precum, she looks up at me with those sexy eyes and says, Good morning Babe.

Risky Pleasure

My wife Ella is a very determined lady, our daughter is a little over a year old now and Ella wants her to have a baby brother soon, a little sooner than I am ready for. I have been trying to get her to wait another year but I think she is trying to get me to impregnate her now. Ella has very regular cycles and knows her body very well. After the birth of our daughter we used condoms all the time until her cycle became regular and then we would go bareback during her safe time and condoms on her fertile days. The system has worked so far without her getting pregnant.