Monday, June 26, 2017
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Short Stories

Short Stories

Creative Teaching Methods

Creative Teaching Methods

This is another repost of a previous story. Like most of my stories there is a bit of truth behind it...


In the Fall of 1983 I was beginning the first semester of my senior year of uni. With most of my core classes long since completed I ticked off electives towards the 136 hours I needed to graduate the following May. While flipping through the course catalog, I noticed that Creative Writing 1 was not only 3 credit hours, but could also count towards my Humanities requirements.

Grinning at my good fortune, I signed up for the Tuesday and Thursday track at 2pm.

My Backdoor to Motherhood

“Cum inside of me. Cum in side of me. Cum inside my PUSSY!!!” Jennifer screamed.

“Wait.  I want to make sure the condom is still there before I cum,” Eric said.

He reached down and pulled his dick from Jen’s sopping pussy.  He reached all around his penis to ensure that the condom wasn’t broken or torn, then slammed his cock back into Jen.

“Oh that always ruins it for me. Pound me harder,” Jen said.

“I am about to cum,” Eric said.

Tied and twisted

After college I decided to forgo work to pursue adventure.  It seemed romantic.  I sold everything I had and bought a decent bike. I bought all the equipment I would need to tour the country by bike. I found my low cost expedition made me rich in experience. Without a dollar and rarely a shower I encountered America.  I made friends, slept on couches, in open fields and one night in jail. 


Bored, Ignored and Soon to be Gored

Bored, Ignored and Soon to be Gored


A young housewife entertains some traveling magazine salesmen and ends up subscribed to Parenthood. (based on an anonymous story submitted to another sex story site)



Ben and Karen lived in a small apartment in a little hamlet in rural Georgia. It was actually a converted motel, with very small one-bedroom apartments. It was a step up from a trailer park, but not a very large step up. They were a young couple, newly married trying to start a life together like real adults.


Ben was rather slow, but had a good heart. He had dropped out of high school and gone to work as a truck mechanic, and even if he wasn’t real good, he was a hard worker, he was strong and he was slowly learning.


Becky Hates Me


My brother and I were close. He was a few years older than me and I revered him. In high school he was the quarterback and he taught me to be a great receiver. Nate’s senior year he set records throwing to me. I followed him to the same college. We were close brothers and best friends. But a wedge drove us apart us. He married a woman who hated me.


In It to Win It

I fell in love with Michelle because she was better than me at the only thing that mattered: Volleyball.

Volleyball was my life. When I was young, maybe 10, I was awkward. I was a tall skinny girl, and a bit dyslexic. School was tough. I had outgrown ballet and gymnastics. Well, I had become too tall to be really good at them, and I wanted so badly to be good at something. 

That is when I started playing volleyball. I was 6 inches taller than the other girls my age and I continued to grow. I started playing on a YMCA team, but was quickly recruited by a competitive tournament team. I spent my weeks in school and my weekends traveling the country playing volleyball.

Twelve Condoms: Swinger Back

Condom 1: Sex with Benifits

Spreading her leg's wide Tiffany asked in her most seductive voice. "Ready for your present, birthday boy?"

Standing at the foot of her bed, naked as a jaybird, Milo grinned idiotically at the invite. His thick, black cock pointed towards Tiffany in a manly salute to her sexuality.

From her wide hips, to her melon sized tits, Tiffany had a body built for sex. Which was an irony as the twenty-four year old was a firm believer that too much sex in a relationship undermined a woman's control over her man. Still when a couple has been together as long as Tiffany and Milo, birthday sex becomes an expected requirement.

Breeding Lesson: The Practical

Sat at his desk, Max remembered:

He had pumped his cock into the wet towel, timing his release to the sounds coming from the other side of the wall. He had pressed a glass tumbler against the wall to listen to the rhythmic thrusting; they were speeding up; they must be close. He closed his eyes. In his mind long cool fingers were wrapped around his burning member, bringing him to the edge.

Finally, 6 evenly spaced scrapes of the neighbor’s head board against the plaster and Max had blasted his load into the towel. He counted 8 spurts, and sank down into the bed, picturing Mrs Glover’s massive tits as his cock slowly shrank.

“Max. Max!”

“Sorry Miss. Um…” Max stared at the white board. “Divide by…..err, no….”.

Turned Into a Breeding Housewife

Ashley was a young, single woman in her mid 30s.  She was very good looking for her age, skinny, good skin, perky breasts, firm ass, all of which she proudly proclaimed was the result of not having children.  She was of the opinion that women in the modern world should work and be rewarded just the same as men.  She felt housewives were good for nothing but making babies, and that all women should avoid motherhood at all costs to keep their bodies sexy.  Unfortunately she was not shy about sharing her views on her social media accounts.


One day after being particularly cruel Ashley got a message on here friendbook account that said “Ashley, I understand that you think housewives are good for nothing but making babies.  I thought about it, and  would like you to give me a second opinion after you gain some firsthand knowledge”  The message was from someone called  “Fertilitybitch”



My Perfect Breeding Fantasy

Though It's quite unrealistic and may never be in the realm of possibility...I still want it, kind of. ^^

I'm to be sired at a breeding party as ordered by my mistress. She feels I should stop worshiping fertility goddesses and work on becoming one of my own.

"In a few months time, you'll be looking DOWN upon these women you revere so much. I promise I'll make that happen for you." she says as she grabbed my abdomen with force.