Short Stories

Short Stories

Night before the prom

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Just another one of those 15 hour days, climbing into bed on autopilot.  As usual, his wife was fast asleep.  Why shouldn’t she be, it is only 3:44 in the AM for god’s sake.  This is the time normal people sleep.

Mr. Cole and the Mystery Women

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I awoke in a daze.  I tried to open my eyes, but for some reason everything was dark.  I realized that I was blindfolded.  My senses began to come back to me quickly.

The Hi-Risk Club Chapter 1: Derek's Story

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"Good evening, sir, and welcome to the Hi-Risk Club.  May I take your coat?”

With a murmur of thanks, Derek Snow handed his coat and briefcase to the coat-check girl, then took a retrieval token.

It was the last thing he would do that night that anyone outside the Hi-Risk Club would consider normal.


Public Shower

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“I’m in trouble.  And I am afraid to tell you what happened.  I am afraid you’ll be upset with me.”

“How long have you been seeing me for therapy?” Dr. Parrot asked.

“Eighteen months.”

 “And have I ever judged you?”


“So why is this different?”  Dr. Parrot asked.

The Werepenis

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"Would you still love me if I had a penis?" the woman asked, her blue eyes dancing with amusement.

 The man grinned, thinking she was toying with him again, "Of course I would. But I've seen you down there and so I've got nothing to worry about."

"Yeah, but what if I only had one sometimes?" she responded.

My Backdoor to Motherhood

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“Cum inside of me. Cum in side of me. Cum inside my PUSSY!!!” Jennifer screamed.

“Wait.  I want to make sure the condom is still there before I cum,” Eric said.

The Surrogate

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I'd lived next door to Jim and Anna for several years now.  They are very nice people and have been struggling with trying to have a baby.  Jim is an OB-Gyn, so he has connections with the experts.  I've become good friends with Anna.

Plan C at the Cottage

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My boyfriend Carl and I had been together for several months.  We were using condoms for birth control and I was thinking about changing over to the pill.   But I hadn't  yet done so when we went on our planned trip to a cottage.


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“Mam, I am detective Erickson, and this is Detective Hiley.  Do you understand why you are being detained today.”

Melissa looked up through her red hair, tears streaking down her face.  “Some asshole cop said I stole a purse.  He arrested me.”

The Conference

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As I sat on the bed waiting for my husband to bring me into the living room part of the hotel suite to be bred, I thought what an odd way to note the anniversary of our meeting.  Five years ago today, we were attending conferences for our respective work.