Monday, June 27, 2016
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Short Stories

Short Stories



My brother clutched me tightly. His powerful, muscular arms were wrapped possessively around me as I lay face down on the bed, moaning rapturously as I felt him force more and more of his monstrous member into my cunt. With my having given birth to my fifth child only seven weeks earlier, it would be expected for my cunt to be a loose fit around a man’s cock. It was certainly loose around my husband’s prick. But my little brother, Dale, was hung larger than most men. A lot larger. His was a true horse cock. And every time we fucked we had to work hard to get that huge slab of meat inside me.

“That’s it, Dale. Give me all of that big cock, honey,” I moaned. Looking back over my shoulder at him, I arched my back to raise my ass and give him a better angle to penetrate my pussy. “Oh baby, make me take every inch.”



I must admit, I was hurt when I found out about my wife’s affair. At first I wasn’t even suspicious about her leaving the house three evenings a week and claiming to be spending time with her older brother. When it began I didn’t think twice about it. We didn’t have any kids then, and he was her family so I used the time to relax after work. Even after we started raising a family and she would leave the children with me while she went out, I wasn’t concerned. I love my wife more than anything, and I trusted her so it never occurred to me that she might be cheating. Then I tried to call her on her cell phone one day and she sounded like she was out of breath when she answered. I also thought I heard someone breathing hard in the background.

Just a Little Spring Fling with Daddy

Amy was a daddy’s girl. She loved being around her step father. Nothing was off limits between them. Jack was the only parental figure that she had after her mother passed away, so of course she was attached to him. She had even taken a liking to his friends as well; they were almost like brothers to her. Their relationship, however, seemed perfectly normal from the outside, but on the inside, they were a bit closer than most would deem appropriate.

One spring day Amy sat in the living room with her father and two of his friends, Alex and Jack. Alex would always look her up and down and say how beautiful she was, and Jack would always let her sit on his lap while they watched football games. She brushed trails of Cheetos off of her white, tight tee shirt, and smoothed down her pink mini skirt.

Twelve Condoms

Twelve Condoms

By Zaos Z.


Condom 1: Mindy - An Accidental Discovery

"Magic condoms! Guaranteed to get any woman pregnant!" A bemused Sam read aloud from the box. "Uses proven magic ritual to inseminated any woman! Not responsible for abuse of product."

"Dam. Condoms that get women pregnant. What will they think of next." Sam said to himself as he tore open the box and fished out one of the gage condoms. A friend had given them to him on his birthday as a joke and they had sat untouched in his sock drawer ever since. Now it was time to put one to good use.

Twelve Condoms: Swinger Back

Chapter 1: Sex with Benifits

Spreading her leg's wide Tiffany asked. "Are you ready for your present?"

From her wide hips, to her melon sized tits Tiffany had a body built for sex. Which was a twisted iron as the twenty-two year old was a firm believer that too much sex in a relationship undermined a woman's control over her man.

Still when a couples been together as long as Tiffany and Milo, birthday sex becomes something of a requirement.

Standing at the foot of the bed her boyfriend Milo was naked as a jaybird. His black cock pointed in manly salute to the nude blond before him. Condom in hand, Milo grabbed his cock and angled it so that he could more easily rolled the rubber down his hard shaft.

Still smiling Milo gave his condom covered cock a few quick warm up jacks.

Internet Interlude

Internet Interlude


She said....He said....


Untended Consequences

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author.  The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise.  No copyright infringement is intended.  Any similarity is what's formally known as "dumb luck", and not anything intentional.

This is also adult entertainment.  If you're under the legal age to read it go find something else do to.  If this kind of content is illegal for you to be viewing - don't view it.  If you're offended by sexual content in a story - you're in the wrong place.  If you can't deal with the word "fuck" in print - lighten up a bit or don't keep reading.

Welcome to the World

Welcome to the World

By: S. M. Jester

“Good morning, students,” the Matron said as she entered the room precisely at 11:45.

“Good morning, Matron,” the class of excited eighteen year-old girls replied. I sat way in the back, where I could smirk at the fat sow squawking at the front of room. I wanted to tune her out, but today of all days I couldn’t.

“Today, you fine young girls have turned eighteen and are now finished with the education the State provides,” the Matron explained in her high-pitched squeal, “happy birthday. At precisely 12:01, you will walk out into the main foyer and out the main doors for the first time in eight years. You will be exposed to men, and young men your age, for the first time in eight years. You will be rejoining mainstream society, and there are things expected of you.”

Hot Wheels

Author: Honey Moon
Title: Hot Wheels
Keywords: MF, reluc, impregnation, cuckolding

     Hot Wheels
     Honey Moon