Short Stories

Short Stories


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He wasn't terribly gentle as he tied me down, arms over my head, knees out to the sides to leave my cunt open and completely accessible. The rope was soft, but it creased my skin if I pulled at all. He ran a hand over my thigh and I marveled over the darkness of his skin against the milky white of my own.

Do Anything

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I climbed onto the bench first. He slipped the blindfold over my eyes and I checked for any light. As he chained me to the bench, I reminded myself that this was part of the deal.

I yelped when the cold, lube-covered fingers worked their way into my cunt, slickening every surface. It was less of a surprise when my ass got the same treatment. I tried to relax before we got started.

The Swap

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I don’t know how he talked me into this, but here I am on all fours, tied down and blindfolded waiting for a stranger’s cock to enter me from behind. I will say that even though I was reluctant to agree to this, I find that I have been heavily turned on this since I was lead blindly and naked into the room.

Friday Night Rituals

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Every Friday my wife and I stop at a place called the Red Brick Pub for a few drinks and sometimes a meal on our way home from work. The pub is only a few blocks from where we live and is a much more convenient place to meet than a place closer to were either of us works.


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It had been two days since Tommy and I had had sex for the first time. He had told me he had something special planned for me today, but provided no clues to what it was. I followed Tommy into the barn and he told me to come over towards the back of the barn. He had a bale of hay there just like last time and told me to strip.

Tied and twisted

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After college I decided to forgo work for adventure.  It seemed romantic.  I sold everything I had and bought a decent bike and all the equipment I would need to cycle across the US.  Its amazing the shit you experience when you don’t have a home, a dollar and rarely a shower.  I made friends, slept on couches, in open fields and one night in jail.  I thought I was a ki

My Valentine

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Sharing My Wife

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To start, me and my wife are both 36 years old, and have been married for 4 years now. Before all this started, our sex life was good, but not as good as we both wanted. We would fuck 2-3 times a week, normally one of those being a quickie before I left for work or in the am. She is a wonderful lay and amazing with her mouth.

The Date

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It was late, Jenn had been waiting for god knows how long. Her husband had a nasty habit of always making her wait when they went out. Sometimes she swore he was more like a girl than she was when it came to his appearance.

"Sorry, I just had to make a call to check on the arrangements," Greg lowered himself in the driver's seat and opened the door to the garage.

Life's a Bitch

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Life's a Bitch
by Honey Moon
Copyright© 2010 by Honey Moon