Sunday, April 30, 2017
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Short Stories

Short Stories

In It to Win It

I fell in love with Michelle because she was better than me at the only thing that mattered: Volleyball.

Volleyball was my life. When I was young, maybe 10, I was awkward. I was a tall skinny girl, and a bit dyslexic. School was tough. I had outgrown ballet and gymnastics. Well, I had become too tall to be really good at them, and I wanted so badly to be good at something. 

That is when I started playing volleyball. I was 6 inches taller than the other girls my age and I continued to grow. I started playing on a YMCA team, but was quickly recruited by a competitive tournament team. I spent my weeks in school and my weekends traveling the country playing volleyball.

Twelve Condoms: Swinger Back

Condom 1: Sex with Benifits

Spreading her leg's wide Tiffany asked in her most seductive voice. "Ready for your present, birthday boy?"

Standing at the foot of her bed, naked as a jaybird, Milo grinned idiotically at the invite. His thick, black cock pointed towards Tiffany in a manly salute to her sexuality.

From her wide hips, to her melon sized tits, Tiffany had a body built for sex. Which was an irony as the twenty-four year old was a firm believer that too much sex in a relationship undermined a woman's control over her man. Still when a couple has been together as long as Tiffany and Milo, birthday sex becomes an expected requirement.

Breeding Lesson: The Practical

Sat at his desk, Max remembered:

He had pumped his cock into the wet towel, timing his release to the sounds coming from the other side of the wall. He had pressed a glass tumbler against the wall to listen to the rhythmic thrusting; they were speeding up; they must be close. He closed his eyes. In his mind long cool fingers were wrapped around his burning member, bringing him to the edge.

Finally, 6 evenly spaced scrapes of the neighbor’s head board against the plaster and Max had blasted his load into the towel. He counted 8 spurts, and sank down into the bed, picturing Mrs Glover’s massive tits as his cock slowly shrank.

“Max. Max!”

“Sorry Miss. Um…” Max stared at the white board. “Divide by…..err, no….”.

Turned Into a Breeding Housewife

Ashley was a young, single woman in her mid 30s.  She was very good looking for her age, skinny, good skin, perky breasts, firm ass, all of which she proudly proclaimed was the result of not having children.  She was of the opinion that women in the modern world should work and be rewarded just the same as men.  She felt housewives were good for nothing but making babies, and that all women should avoid motherhood at all costs to keep their bodies sexy.  Unfortunately she was not shy about sharing her views on her social media accounts.


One day after being particularly cruel Ashley got a message on here friendbook account that said “Ashley, I understand that you think housewives are good for nothing but making babies.  I thought about it, and  would like you to give me a second opinion after you gain some firsthand knowledge”  The message was from someone called  “Fertilitybitch”



My Perfect Breeding Fantasy

Though It's quite unrealistic and may never be in the realm of possibility...I still want it, kind of. ^^

I'm to be sired at a breeding party as ordered by my mistress. She feels I should stop worshiping fertility goddesses and work on becoming one of my own.

"In a few months time, you'll be looking DOWN upon these women you revere so much. I promise I'll make that happen for you." she says as she grabbed my abdomen with force.

Lucky Seven

Lucky Day


My Rainforest Nymphettes



My Rainforest Nymphettes


I can smell smoke.

Approaching the camp from the south led to a raised vantage point. I was heading there now. The jungle flora was already hacked into a crude path from previous expeditions this way.

Smoke, why can smell smoke?

This was not the cook fires you would expect from the tribe, this had the tang of burning plastic and vegetation. I broke through the cover onto the raised mount where I could see. And what I could see was destruction.




That’s it, honey! Shoot it all inside meeeeee!” Catherine moaned, clutching her cunt tight around me, Catherine moaned, clutching her cunt tight around me. “Oh yessss! Oh lover! Make me take every drop of your cum!”


I pushed my cock deep into her as I came, loving the way she arched her hips up and swirled them beneath me. Then we kissed deeply and lovingly as the last of my sperm spurt inside her. Afterwards we lay together, relaxing with each other.


“Ummm. Como esta, mi amor?” Catherine murmured as she nuzzled my neck and her slender brown fingers caressed the hirsute surface of my heaving chest. She pressed her naked, curvaceous figure against my side. For a woman who had just given birth to her sixth child, she looked amazing.



Smiling wistfully, Meridith thought of the young man who lived next door as she ran her hands lovingly over the roundness of her growing belly.


Scott was an absolutely gorgeous hunk of a man. He was tall, muscular, and exceptionally good looking. As he was only twenty and enrolled in college in the city, he stayed with his parents in order to save money. But that wasn’t the only reason he stayed with them. Meridith was very aware that the main reason her lived at home was because he wanted to be near her.


The Neighborhood Bar-Be-Q

It was a hot day in the late of May when we were invited over to our neighbors right behind us for a bar-be-q. Being a hot day my 24-year-old wife wore a pair of cutoff jeans short enough to show off the bottom cheeks of her ass over a pair of patterned tights along with a white t-shirt with a psychedelic butterfly pattern on it without a bra. While my wife does have perky breasts they aren’t small, they are depending on the time of month and which bra maker either D or DD. She doesn’t always go without a bra and as big as they are you might think she would always need the support. As I said they are perky and she has been accused of having fake breasts too many times to count. I know for a fact that they aren’t fake. On her dainty feet she had on a pair of simple slip on flats.