Short Stories

Short Stories

Game Show Erotica

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The bright lights and giant crowd stunned Seth and his sister Meghan.

Office Indiscretions

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My ears twitched in frustration as I gazed at the computer screen. It was already past nine o’clock. I had stayed several hours late at work every day this week in an attempt to finish the big project we’d been working on for months. Unfortunately, as I reviewed what I had accomplished so far, it looked like I had at least one more week of late nights ahead of me.

Home From the Office

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"Honey, I'm home," Eli called out as he walked through the front door. It had been a long week, and the Siamese cat was looking forward to spending a quiet weekend with his wife. He paused for a moment to sniff the air. He could just barely detect a musky scent that seemed familiar, though his tired brain couldn't determine what it was. He shrugged and took off his coat.

Turning the Tables

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Hare was a great trickster. He had outsmarted every hunter on the plains over and over again, becoming a legend in his own time among both predators and prey. It was said that no one could match his speed, no sound could escape his ears, and no one could match his wit. His mind was his greatest weapon, and he took pride in his ability to talk his way out of any situation.

A Remarkable Woman

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A Remarkable Woman

Walking alone in the deep, dark woods, a hooded and cloaked figure glides over the forest debris, not making a sound. The figure is watched by a snake and an owl. Obviously female, the figure walks towards a clearing where they await, her progress swift. Breaking through the trees, her golden brown eyes glow in the moonlight.

A Demonstration

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“And when these hormones are elevated and balanced within the female body, we have oestrus, or what is more commonly called 'Heat,'” Jacob Windpaw turned from the whiteboard, putting the cap back on the blue marker, addressing his students.


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       As head of security for an upscale department store, I have the pleasure of watching so many daddy's girls walk through the doors with their entitlement and self-centered ways. They act like they own the place, only to bust out mommy and daddy's credit cards and pretend like it makes them better than everyone else.

my 2nd

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Ok so this is the second lady I got Prego.



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He wasn't terribly gentle as he tied me down, arms over my head, knees out to the sides to leave my cunt open and completely accessible. The rope was soft, but it creased my skin if I pulled at all. He ran a hand over my thigh and I marveled over the darkness of his skin against the milky white of my own.

Do Anything

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I climbed onto the bench first. He slipped the blindfold over my eyes and I checked for any light. As he chained me to the bench, I reminded myself that this was part of the deal.

I yelped when the cold, lube-covered fingers worked their way into my cunt, slickening every surface. It was less of a surprise when my ass got the same treatment. I tried to relax before we got started.