Friday, August 18, 2017
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Short Stories

Short Stories

Cuckold by Mistake

Cuckold by Mistake

Honey Moon

My name is Lisa Kincaid-Mancuso. I’m what you’d call a freelance problem solver. No, I’m not a hit woman or anything like that. I’m just the one person people can turn to if they need answers on anything from changing their corporate image, to restructuring an inefficient production line. Don’t think badly about me. I’m not what you’d call a traditional efficiency expert. I show people how to do things better and faster. I don’t try and eliminate hard working people from their jobs.

A Change of Plans














“Summertime, and the livin' is easy

Fish are jumpin' and the cotton is high


Oh, your daddy's rich and your ma is good-lookin'

So hush, little baby, don't you cry


The Hero













Becky could believe the sensations that his huge cock gave her as he stretched her tight cunt. She had had several lovers before but nothing to compare with this massive piece of meat!


Brad had had no outlet for several months. He had been deployed overseas in an Arab country training local fighters. There were no women around, no privacy to be had. As soon as he reached home he longed to empty himself into his woman...

Family Love

I found this picture and wanted to do a caption for it but the story it told to me was too much for a sidebar. In the spirit of Beltane, I offer you a tale of fire and fertility. - M-M

Breeding Lesson Part 2: Home Work

On her back, Candice had stretched out like a cat across the bed. Still fully clothed, arms reaching up above her head, Max could see the ridges made by her hips through the jeans she was wearing, and the gentle rise of her breasts under her sports top. Two engorged nipples stubbornly defied gravity like two bullets. He could see the slight camel-toe as her vulva pressed into the fabric of the denim.

Max stared at her in wonder. Fuck you’re pretty. She was about his height, slim, had an elven face framed in deep red swirling hair. She was stunning.

She grinned at him and raised a perfectly arched eyebrow. Max crawled over the bed to reach her until they were nose to nose. He licked this now.

“Hey!” She pushed him back laughing. “Gross! Are you a pet doggy?”

Fantasy Fulfilled?

A reworking of an older story of mine. I hope you all enjoy it!


Fantasy Fulfilled?












A Father's Revenge

I'm not going to lie, this is another story based in fact. I wrote this to get past a particularly nasty divorce. The actual situation was different, but the hurt, anger and rage are too very real. I hope you enjoy it.




Part One: The Discovery


August 15, 2010:

The Princess and The Guardsman

Princess Lauryn came from an old noble family. While they had been turned out of power in their small Eastern European country after World War 2, they still had a vast fortune and political influence.

 The Princess was the only child in the family, coming late in life to her aging father who had unsuccessfully tried with 3 other wives before finally siring the beautiful blonde.

Unfortunately for the young Princess her loving father passed away just before she turned 13.

Sent away to boarding school in the Swiss Alps, she grew to womanhood under the watchful eye of Sergeant Hans Klaus, a trusted family retainer whom had served the late King since childhood. Now in his mid 30′s, he was the only member of the Princess’ detail to be with her throughout her schooling. The only friendly face at her many activities and the only man she had ever really spent time with since her father passed.

Jessica's Valentines Day Party

This story was written as part of a story/caption challenge for a follower on another website. It went to a much darker place than I originally intended.


 Jesica’s Valentine’s Party

 It had been a very busy year for Jessica. First there had been her internship at a prestigious law firm. Then as that position was ending, one of the senior partners who had maintained a warm but ‘fatherly’ mentoring for her, had shocked her following her exit interview with a suggestion they “might see each other socially now that her internship was finished.”

Jessica was surprised buy yet strangely excited by the prospect. While being by no means naive nor innocent, the prospect of a much older suitor was a stimulating possibility. Without hesitation she locked his office door and asked him “to show me what you’ve got…”